Tartischen Cham, or Emperor of Sina (Page 205)

Not little did deter them of the pursuit of their victory, that all the places of the Sineesche Lieutenant-Colonels were well provided; and on top of that, Emperor Thienkius, not only had enforced all the old places with new fortresses and bulwarks, but also alongside the smallest and appropriate roads, many small fortresses. But amongst all of these newly erected Fortresses, was the strongest and biggest, which the Emperor had founded on the Island Cu, and to prevent the way through, guarded it with a strong occupation Of Sineesche Warriors.

But amongst all the other Sineesche War-Lieutenants, who did some harm to the Tartars, was one certain militant Sineesche Lieutenant-Colonel, who stood out, called Maovenlung, who with a strong fleet of Ships had gotten hold of and conquered the closest Island of Korea, situated in the mouth of the River Yalo. This brave, courageous Hero knew to agonize and wear the Tartars down from behind enormously, with defeat upon defeat, that they left all the other places unaffected, and put all their powers at work, in what Way to raid and do harm to him, would prevent and forget.

This Maovenlung was native from the County Quantung, where he had learned, by contacts and be with the Portugeezen of the City Makao, many things inducing to the Warfare. From there he also had taken with him many Hollands artillery, from certain Ship run ashore, and had that planted for the greater part on the walls of the Capital Ningyven. The Sineesche Emperor, after that he already had lost the Eastern part of Leaotung, and had gifted the Capital Leaoyung, had gifted this City, instead of Leaotung with the honorable tittle of Capital, and found in there, at that time the Tutang or Viceroy, and the Royal supervisor of Leaotung, with the power of the entire Sineesche Army. The Tartars, who were pounced on by Maovenlung fiercely [during] several journeys, and every time with a big defeat, and with offering resistance couldn't accomplish anything, eventually leaded to cunning, and sought to hurt the Man's devoutness and virtue with fine and big promises. They offered him with some secret letters, half of the Realm of Sina, if he would abandon with the flower of his Army the Sineeschen Emperor, and to help to conquer the Realm. But Maovenlung, who didn't want to break honor and oath, but wanted to promote virtue and devoutness, declined their high promises boldly, with added reason, preferred to wander around as outcast or in exile, or to die for the Fatherland, than to abandon, and to own disloyal the Realm, in which he had no property

The Tartars, finding themselves disappointed in all their hopes, kept calm (while they saw little to accomplish) till in the year sixteen hundred and twenty five, breaking it finally with the attack and siege of the Capital Ningyven. This gave amongst the Sineezen, who imagined already to have surfaced the most important seriousness, new confusion and dismay. Then Maovenlung came with his Warriors to relieve the City temporarily, and struck the Siegers with such a over-bold braveness, that the Tartars lost before this City around ten thousand men, and furthermore broke up the siege, Amongst the defeated Tartars not even the Son of their King came free, but came there, in the bloom of his life, to die. The Tartars were enormously regretted by the loss of the Son of the King and struck in fury in such a frenzy, that they came to fall across the ice (since it was in the dead of the Winter) on certain Island Thaoyven, and brought to death very miserably and pitiful, ten thousand men of the occupying forces and on top of that, all the Inhabitants, without sparing children or women.

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