Envoy to the Great (Page 206)

The Tartars having revenged themselves about their defeat, with the killing of so many thousand souls, left again the Country Leaotung, and set out to Tartary, not with the intention to go to peace and quietness, but to enforce their strength with more power of people, and then to splash into the Realm in due time.

In this way was the mutual killing and warfare for some time ceased: since the things stayed in all quietness till the year sixteen hundred twenty seven, as when the Sineesche Emperor Thienkus, in the green of his life, came to die of this world, whose dead almost made the whole Sineesche Realm collapse. The Tartarian King of Niuche, Thienming, who had so many of innocent souls killed by fire and sword, followed quickly this Thienming, who came to die in the same year in this world. 

After the decease of Thienkus, ascended, to successor in the same [meant is: in Thienkus] place, his brother to the Imperial Throne, who crossed fate in a miraculous way, and by unfaithfulness and cunning of his subjects, fell to his lot an unhappy government and dying day, which will become more clear from the continuation of the next tales.

After the death of the Tartarian King Thienming, ascended, as successor, the same his son Thienzung, his Father's Throne, who, in a completely different way governed, and changed his Fathers custom to reign strictly; in this way that he didn't pursued the Sineezen that fiercely, but started to regale them somewhat more polite, and treat them more friendly, wherefrom a big change originated, and the matters of the Tartarians changed in appearance. And certainly with this, this careful and political Sovereign would have been able to bring about many great things with the Sineezen, if he wasn't torn away by an untimely death. However, he wrought with treating the Sineezen benign and politely, yet so many things, that he left his son an example, with which he could sense, that the Sineezen could be conquered rather with softness and politeness, than with the violence of the arms.

In the same current year twenty seven, started the Warriors of the militant Lieutenant-Colonel Maovenlung, who, with stand still of the Tartars, had no enemies and as a result found nothing to rob, enormously to torment the Inhabitants of Korea, their friends and allies, with robbing and doing other inconveniences. They did the counties, which were under their occupation: and principally the Inhabitants of the County Hienkin, such a big sorrow and other inconveniences, that most of them out of revenge and hatred, not only put themselves under the protection of the Tarter, but advised him also, that he would attack with a strong number of his warriors, dressed in Koreaansche costumes, the Koreaansche Army (that no harmful suspicion had in his own people) . yes, even more, they let themselves be used, as traitors of their Fatherland, King and Sineeschen Emperor, for this attack. Miraculously, the Tartarian King was pleased with this advise and sent, without long hesitation, the Viceroy, with a great power of people, to the Sineeschen army, with the Koreanen in front, who showed the Tarter, as unknown in that county, the way. The Sineesche Army, that went looting and robbing far and wide, without worry and fear, received first, by this diffusion, a heavy defeat. Maovenlung, notwithstanding, noticing the deceit, and that they were Tartars, gathered his troops in great haste, put them in battle-array, to prevent the Tarter the further breaking in and chopping down.

There was fighting for a long time, with very dubious outcome; but finally the Tartar gained the victory, and had Maovenlung sank his heart, and started to flee

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