Envoy to the Great (Page 202)

in great abundance the root Ginseng, and one has also several Mountains rich in gold. Nowhere falls better Sandarachka, or Cie (of which has been spoken before) than on this Korea, with which the Inhabitants, according to the way of the Japponers or Sineezen, coat and polish all kinds of furniture. Though this county possesses all kinds of things in abundance, so of the same Inhabitants, don't conduct any trade, with other foreign people, than only with the Sineezen and Japonners. Thus far having spoken of this hanging Island Korea; I will take up the discussion of our proposed subject.

The Sineesche Emperor, besides, (to resist the more certain the further breaking in of the Tartars, and the future calamities) had gathered from all the fifteen Counties of the Realm new  auxiliary troops, and sent, to free the other counties for the raids of the Tartars, great War-armies in Leaotung. And to provide the more skillful, these strong Armies with food and other necessities,  he had equipped a large fleet of Ships, in the renowned Sea-port Thiencin, wherein (like in our Itinerary has been discussed) thus by Sea and by the Rivers from all over Sina the Ships can arrive. From this Thiencin sent the Emperor to the mentioned armies, who went on his order immediately to Leaotung, in short journeys by Sea, very easily what he wanted. Since the Land Leaotung is to the West-side almost once washed by the Sea, and is located only two days traveling by Sea if the Merchant-city Thiencin, since one needs in by land much more time.

Amongst several Lieutenant-Colonels and Governors, who stiffened [=drilled] this enormous army with auxiliary troops, was a certain Woman, who could bear rightfully the name of Sineesche Amazon: since she came with an army of three thousand men from Suchuen, the farthest County of the Realm of Sina. to the West; and she didn't show with her bold existence a male hart, but also put herself in a Warriors clothing, and taken such honorary titles, that they fitted more on the nature of a man, than a woman. Often she went at the Tartars, and gave, with fighting several victories on them, no small proof of over overbold bravenes. In several battles she carried on in a male way on the mutineers and rebellious, who stood up against the Sineesche Emperor, and caused, with shooting and chopping down, at times a devastating murder amongst them. This courageous and warlike male woman had applied to the King's service, instead of her little Son, who had left at home because of his youth.

The Emperor Thienkus, after that he had come with his Army in Leaotung, in everything well provided, and the drew the Army up in battle-array, attacked with his entire power on the Tartar, knocked them out of the field, and seized the entire County of Leaotung; which he managed all the easier, since the Inhabitants, which were maltreated and tormented miserably by the Tartars, took the arms against the Tartars, and came the Sineezen to aid in the driving out.Miraculously it happened, that the Inhabitants of the Realm Niuche at that time started mutinying, such that the Tartarian King his army, which had become rather shabby, and couldn't add sufficient new auxiliary troops. [the sentence could also mean: that his troops had drifted off]

The Inhabitants, therefor, from Leaotung, who loathed the great cruelty of the Tartars, opened the gates willingly for the Sineezen, and drove everywhere the Tartarian occupying armies out of the Cities. Therefor the Tartars, who were at odds, because of of internal revolt, and by the Sineezen with defeat upon defeat, were weakened enormously, not only in all of Sina, but also in the Country Leaotung and left till outside the great Wall.

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