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Thanks to

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See also the pictures of my visits to Chejudo and Pyongyong


Please don't forget to follow the links to Master Eibokken on Korea and the Korean Language : Supplementary remarks to Hamel's Narrative (1975) They really contain important additional informative material.. I want to acknowledge the efforts of Jan Boonstra put into making the gif's and html source code for this page.

The following sources were also used:

The internet: and all it's immense possibilities. See also the links on my homepage 
Webferret, Ferretsoft,
Van Dale electronic dictionary MTX-Nederlands-Engels,

I'm doing this project in honor of J.H. ten Hove, Hamel and the other persons mentioned over here. And also to give non-Dutch speaking people the opportunity to compare the two books. Though I realize that my text rambles due to the translation and in an attempt to make it look like a little bit old fashioned English as well as to make people taste the right atmosphere. So I'm open to all kinds of comments and improvements. I'm doing this on the Internet to make it more accessible to everybody, also because it's free for everybody who has access to the Internet and easy to change and add things. I want to thank Wim Hamel for helping me in many ways and I also want to thank Jan Boonstra for proofreading and correcting my text, more about Jan you can find on the links in my home page. Jan and Young Hee also visited Duijtsiang (Pyongyong near Kangjin) and made pictures there, follow this link to see them and his story. Much later I went there too and to Cheju-do too to do some research.

Furthermore I want to fully credit and thank Oh Yong Chul for the Korean translation, which I fine-tuned with the help of my wife An Young Jin, I also want to thank her for the patience she took with me, to make it possible to take all the time I needed to develop and write this homepage, after all it too me more then 5 years to do so.

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