Sailing orders for the Chiefs of the Jacht the Sperwer, according which to regulate their sailing from here to Taijouan.

Leaving the roadstead of Batavia [called onrust or unrest], should take course north of the Islands of Ontongh Java to the strait Palingban, trying to enter that east of Lucipara, and to pass as soon as possible, besides thus further sailing east Poulo Linde and Bintangh to Pulo Lauwer, put in the same and spotting Pulo Candor to sail as straight as possible between Pulo Cecier de mair and terra (however taking care of the dryness which lies there a little south or around the middle of the water), from where keeping sight of the Cambodian Champas and Quinam shore, to be released before the Pracels, then to put on Pulo Champello to go east, to sight Aijnam, provided that the currents because of the Western winds comes that fierce from the Gulf of Conchinchina [Vietnam] that would be drawn to the mentioned Pracels salt by calm, but even more with storm, as appeared, God willing, in July 1643 to Grootenbroeck [July 24, 1643. See daily registers Batavia page 436]

Having passed Aijnam, it's best to keep free sea, not to be down and out [taken to the lower shore] by any thunderstorm, as well as by the mentioned tuffons [Typhoon, cyclone, hurricane; see Hobson-Jobson on Typhoon] commonly coming with veering winds, such that it is very harmful to seek shore or anchorage as it also appeared to Buiren, Bommel, Goa and Bleijswijck in 1634 [August 21, 1634. See Daily Registers page 435 and 455, 456] which off [the coast of] Sanchoan anchored for 3 anchors at a musquet shot off land on 9 fathoms lying, been driven off the up shore, loosing their anchors and experiencing thousand perils. The Portuguese with their precious navettes, having sailed from Macauw to Japan, kept during the storm free sea, as well as the Manilla sailors, when coming to Macao, since they felt well with it by experience. How you have to behave further as well as heading for the Piscadores and Taijoan, competently seeking and at the same time sailing within the same channel, is pointed to the accompanying Instruction of the Major-pilot Frans Visser as the further conceived order and hint letter, which we order you to examine well and to follow as is in ones' power,.......

Thus being right ready to sail, so will you weigh anchor tomorrow morning after having done muster, and in the name of god take sea, to advance your voyage according to the above mentioned sailing orders to Taijouan. Thus from the advises from our Principal Lords us is announced that have come again with the Portuguese, and the English Government in an open war, thus being continuously on guard, not to be taken by surprise by the same nor  being deceived by strange signs, but at meeting the same enemy, attack, if possible, overpower and bring hither or to other offices of the Company, according to your best opinion; in case of victory, you will ensure yourself to take well care of the prisoners, the goods and the loaded merchandise, to seal the hatches, or take advantage of the opportunity and take over the cargo [Cargasoen comes from the Spanish word cargazn], but especially you will have refrain from any indecent plundering, which is highly recommended, since the same will have to be justified before our Counsel. Furthermore you will be ordered to keep good care of the Ships commanders and to keep the arrangements about the provisions, as well of the administration of Justice about the malicious, in accordance with the general article letter, wherein with knowledge of consult have to act according the occasion. Herewith we wish you , with the whole crew, a safe voyage, and recommend altogether: in the protection of the Almighty to guide you to the destined place. In the Castle of Batavia, this 18th of June 1653, under ordinance: from Your Nobleness and was signed Adriaen Willeboorts Secretary.