October 19, 1670

........ The court journey to Jedo which started March 10 [1670] and having brought us within Jedo, the usual curtsy before the Emperor happened the 20th thereupon following ...... these court duties thus far having fulfilled, we had liked to see that the Interpreters, the Governor Gonnemonde and both Commissioners have gone to open our burden to express on behalf of your Nobleness gratitude for the release of the seven Dutchmen, since ao 1653 of the shipwrecked Jacht the Sperwer on Correa, arrested and ao 1668 on His Majesties demand, released, so that their Nobleness' might bring about in which way this should be done and where about also on our departure in Nangasackij, according to custom, orders from Sinsabrode to previously  mentioned Gonnemonde, his colleague, had requested but by no means could have moved the Interpreters to do this, the same always postponing till the day before the leaving which then being appeared the 28th of April, thus came the Head Interpreter Siondaijs us the evening from the Governor Gonnemonde in reply that His Excellency thought to be enough the notification him upon our arrival in Nangasackij ao passado and give notice of this through His Excellency to the States Counsels, which, so he said, also had expressed their satisfaction about that and therefor wouldn't deal with it anymore, but being equal to him if we did it for the States Counsels or not. From this answer decided the Interpreter that not could be spoken about that [anymore] and unnecessary to involve the Commissioners in that [matter], like we also the same concerning first withheld to His Excellency, because of the jealousy between the Commissioners and the Governors and would we at last address him , so he, because of his position, not had absented, and though we sustain this displeasurable answer from the Governor Gonnemonde mainly originating from his late knowledge, His Excellency by the Interpreter done by this our burden and intention, by which the time didn't allow to act as required, like from these wretches dismay decided could be, so are however all our efforts therefor applied, fruitless and this good work stayed incomplete, by which would have been taken away all further quarrel about the sending of an ambassador us previously other then in the past 2 to 3 times by the interpreters has happened, that we all the time have declined because of the great costs which would have been involved, without drawing any benefit, as long as they don't seem to want to have it deliberately and when it according to our opinion, also not should be delayed, since now already to be could feared that the Japanese government some displeasure taking, this gratitude should be set into motion.

..... There is no need anymore to mention the gratitude for the release of the previous Corese prisoners, since those matters are handled, and moved further by the interpreters as being our opinion ... (Commission before the Merchant Joannes Camphuis as Chief to Japan ddo 29th of  May 1671 =  Secret Memorandum for the Chiefs of Japan, Col. Arch. No 798)