Deed with which Dirck Fredricxs Hamel, the father of  Hendrick Hamel buys for f 750 the house in which Hendrick would be born. This house stood on the west-side of the Kortendijk, next to the gap besides Arkelstate. Father was a works foreman.

November 11, [1626] personally [appearing before ] G. van Hoey and D. de Reuver

Charter that before us came, the persons Gerit Wouters van Lier, Jan Jans van Eyndhoven as man and custodian of Lijsbeth Wouters van Lier, his housewife, replacing and making them in this a strong case for Hermen Wouters van Lier, her minor brother and the same brother Hermen Wouters , also in person appearing ,together children and alone the heirs  of Wouter Gerits van Lier and Adriaentgen Hermensdr. de Hooch, their father and mother, father-in-law and mother-in-law respectively in late commemory, and pass on in that quality together in freehold ownership to Dirck Fredricxs Hamel, works foreman, a house and homestead, as big and little the same is standing and lying within the city of Gorinchem on the Corttendijck between the house and yard of the widow of Gijsbert Joseps linnen-weaver on the south side and certain passageway the rightful property before one half the previously mentioned persons appearing, which they convey with this [document] to the previously described Dirck Fredricxs Hamel, with Cornelis Frans shoemaker cum suis, and for the other half the heirs of Merten Thonis van Wissel, and about the same passageway the same Mertens left house and yard on the north-side next to [the property] extending off from the street, behind till the same previously described Cornelis Frans cum suis house, and the previously described passageway to the tanning yard of the same Cornelis Frans, according to the letters existing, with the freedoms and servitutes and judicialaties belonging to it, besides all what is earth and nail secured in it, the vendors appearing before me, and this with the burden of 6 schilden per year, to let off for hundred schilden main interest, which the children and heirs of Pauwels Cornelisz. Hulst thereupon claiming, also the same of 6 schilden per year, to let off for hundred schilden main interest, which the heirs of Merten Thonisz. Nissel thereupon claiming, also to let off 14 karolus guilders per year, to let off  two-hundred carolus guilders, which Adriaen Dircxs van Hoey thereupon claims, and also to let off the same 14 karolus guilders per year, also to let off with two-hundred guilder main-sum, which Jan Walravens thereupon claims, making altogether in main-sum five-hundred forty  carolus guilders, which the previous mentioned Gerit Fredricxs thereupon keeping to his obligation in reduction to his promised purchase price, without any further taxes upon that [amount], but further free house and yard for free money [free meaning: purchase something where the vendor pays the legal/transfer cost]; and the persons appearing put as counter act thereupon etc. and pledged him to deliver the previous described house and yard with the letters which they, the appearing persons, have from that, without putting any general or protection without any cunning. Has cost the sum of seven hundred fifty carolus guilder  to 20 stuivers [1 stuiver = 1/20 guilder] each, thereupon a cut will serve the taxes thereupon being, amounting to in main-sum five hundred forty carolus guilders, besides that to pay hundred fifty karolus guilder ready with the owning and the remaining sixty carolus guilder on May 1, 1627 first coming, by this set etc. especially the previous described house and yard, standing and lying as above  and furthermore generally etc. The vendors promise to free the previous described of all previous impediments to May 1, 1626 lately, all the costs come at the expense for the buyer, except, the last wine purchase above the 10 guilders being consumed are half and half.


Source: Judicial archives of Gorinchem and the Land van Arkel, inventory number 440, pp. 148-150.