(This article was enclosed in the Genealogy of the Hamel family)

by J.L.Hamel and L.L.M. G.A.Hamel

After the publication of the "Family of Hamel in Utrecht", "the descendents of Adriaen Hamel" and "The descendants of L.L.M. Gerrit Hamel", all in the Nederlandsche Leeuw [Dutch Lion], we now want to shine light on the three works foremen Hamel and their descendents. It's very likely that they descend, together with the already discussed Hamel's of an aldermen's family from Heusden with the same name, but this relationship is not provable. This research is set up to work out from which family Hendrick Hamel of Gorinchem origins. Hendrick became known because of his "Account of the shipwreck of the jacht the Sperwer" 1. The researcher of this Journal , B.Hoetink, draws for the scarce data about Hamel's person and family from a manuscript in Gorcum of around 1734 2 . He writes:

Only brought to light is an in Gorcum surviving manuscript of 1734, wherein are recorded the genealogical tables of distinguished families of Gorkum, about him the following is found: "Hendrick Hamel sailed to the East Indies and coming from there to travel to Japan, has been suffering a shipwreck thrown on the Island of Corea and kept there in slavery for 13 years, escaped with a boat to Japan and comes thus again to Gorcum, travels for the second time to the Indies and comes again to Gorcum and dies there still being a bachelor on February 12, 1692". At the same place is mentioned that he is born from the marriage of  Dirck Hamel and Margaretha Verhaar, daughter of Hendrik Verhaar and Cunera van Wevelinckhoven, as well as that the family Hamel used as coat of arms a silver Hamel [a castrated ram] on a gold field.

It is exactly this coat of arms (though the colors are strange) that was the cause of the suspicion of the relationship with the aldermen family in Heusden. The birth of Hendrick Hamel took indeed, after further research, place at Gorkum in 1630. The correctness of the mentioned date of death has not been proven yet. (Presumably) he has been found back once, namely in a notorial deed in the Hague of December 7, 1671 3 as a bookkeeper on the flute "Opmeer". It's not impossible that the same man is meant, since Hendrick Hamel arrived in 1651 in the Dutch Indies and returns only after 20 years in the Netherlands 4 . His father is Dirk Frederiks Hamel, a brother of Gerrit Frederiks Hamel and of Goossen Frederiks Hamel. These three brothers act constantly as partners in contracts of the building of defenses for the republic. They were called now "foreman", then again "works foreman" or "works foreman of fortifications".

In 1632, for example, payments were made to "Dirck Fredericxz Hamel, works foreman, as contractor of two bulwarks and two stone buildings [corlijnen: I could not find this word anywhere to properly translate it]" at Den Briel 5. In those days is in Den Briel also a "Gerrit Fredericxz Hamel, work foreman and contractor" mentioned. In a notorial deed of 1641 in the Hague Dirck Frederiks Hamel is mentioned as "former works foreman and now captain of the pioneers in service of these countries" 6 . A similar title is not found with the other brothers.

The three brothers originate from Gorkum. They wandered through the whole republic and have, according to many deeds, done all kinds of works in Orsoy (near Kleef), Rijnberk (probably Rheinberg, east of Geldern), Wezel, Burik, 't fort op de Lip, den Briel, Heer and 's Hertogenbosch. It is therefor of importance for the military history to research their performance. This, however, is a very huge operation, since the archives of the city of the Hague [='s Gravenhage = Den Haag] alone contains already a huge number of deeds, wherein they are mentioned separately or together. It lies at hand, that these wandering works foremen have left their traces in many more villages and cities. The authors of this piece are therefor satisfied if they can raise some interest with researchers who have the time and opportunity to retrieve the financial and military constructional side of their performance. The financial side of the building of fortifications is interesting, since the government was very slow with payment. One finds Hamel's name, continuously borrowing money on the resolutions of the State Council.

On April 16, 1635 they were summoned, all three, with their colleague works foreman Gerrit van Lier, at the following day, before paymaster Bruijning to settle about the works in Orsoy, Burik, 't Fort op de Lip, den Briel and elsewhere 7 . It must have been quite a feat for them to finance that many works! This can be illustrated on their performance in Orsoy. On August 30, 1634 borrows Dirk Frederiks Hamel, on his own account and that of his brother Goossen, respectively 3250 and 6450 "cer. guldens tot 20 groote tstuck" (carolus guilders and 20 coins called groote tstcuk) on an ordinance of the State Council of July 30, cash payment. He promises to pay the taken amounts to bearer within 6 months and attaches the mentioned ordinance 8 . On May, 18, 1635 it appears that the matter ran out of hand. The sponsor wanted his money and a new sponsor had to be found. A certain Grietje Gerritsdr living in Delft lends him now 6700 car. guilders and 20 groote tstuck for three months, against an interest of 1% per month 9.

On July 4, 1635 Dirk Frederiks Hamel admits to owe an amount to "Lourens Crom, brick baker, at Haastrecht for the matter of delivered bricks for several works in the city of Orsoy" 10 . On June 11, 1636 Dirk and Goossen admit to owe to Cornelis Claesz, skipper, f 1032.-, originating from earned freight of bricks from Holland to Orsoy 11 . On the same day they acknowledge to owe, for the transport of bricks from Holland to Orsoy, to Pieter Hendricxz Pijper, skipper, f 786.- and to Cornelis Willems, oostindiësvaerder (person used to sail to the East Indies), skipper, f 1151 12 . On September 8, 1636 follows an IOU to "Berent Duijs, merchant and inhabitant of Wesel", because of borrowed money for the payment of the laborers and the suppliers for the works in Orsoy 13 . Finally in 1641, but maybe there's more, it proves that Annetje Willemsdr, widow of Hendrick Pleunen "being alive mason living in Goude" attached on what her husband due is, on the first "per the previously mentioned captain Hamell of the country rightfully owes to fulfill certain obligation of 150.- which she charges previously mentioned Dirck Fredericxz Haemel and his brother Goossen Hamel for labor costs, by her husband deceased, earned and summing up at works in Orsoy. The attachment is partly canceled after partial payment and suretyship by Cornelis Jansz Annoequ, solicitor at 's Gravenhage" 14.

Sufficient to show how difficult the financing of those works were in those times and how many years the settlements could drag on 

Concerning the military constructional side of the matter; spread in all kinds of deeds, one finds data, which can paint somewhat the picture. The quoted deeds show that the needed brick were backed in Haastrecht, transported by skippers of [the province of] Holland to Orsoy and that also a mason from Holland was used. The Hamel brothers perform either independently or in partnership. Also other works foremen appear, for instance Gerrit van Lier and "Thomas Welleboorts, works foreman from Bergen op Soom" 15 . From a deed of October 8, 1648, it appears that a certain Anthonijs Wijard Brauwer from Gorkum, delivered materials which were in Rijnberk " employed for the making of ten as five double huts in the year 1640". Gerrit Fredericsz Hamel declares at that occasion that the delivered materials "with him disposed as contractor of the previously mentioned five and supporter of the previously mentioned ten huts, were made up and completed effectively". Obviously Brouwer had problem to get his payment, though this was promised by Jurriaen Cleijsen, toll writer and service master of Rijnberk 16. A research of military architectural works might give some significant indications.

The last cited deed proves also that Gerrit Fredericsz Hamel was, in 1642, around 46 year. Therefor he will have been born in 1596. It lies at hand that his, and his brothers father, bore the name of Frederik, since they all were called Frederikszoon (son of Frederik). Certainty about this Frederik Hamel doesn't exist up till now. The "Nederlandse Leeuw" of 1908 reported in column 88, unfortunately without sources, that Frederick Hamel and his housewife Adriaentjen Thonis are reported in an alderman's deed of Heusden in 1601. A woman of the same name appears in 1683 as witness at the baptism, on July 30, in Gorkum of a son Frederik of the works foreman Dirk Frederiks Hamel 17 . These speculations are being reinforced by a notorial deed of the Hague of February 7, 1605 18. Then appears as witness Frederik Hamel Goossensz living in Gorinchem, he is works foreman of fortifications! We would get, in this way, Goossen Hamel, father of Frederik Hamel Goossensz, married with Adriaentjen Thonis, who are again the parents of the three works foremen. Supplementary proof however is certainly needed. 19.

To return to the works foreman Gerrit Frederiks Hamel: after taking out a marriage license in Gorkum he marries on April 18, 1621 in Arkel with Lijsbeth Claes of Neercassel 20 . The spouses have baptized on July 30, 1623 a daughter Maria. There has to have been a son Claes, since in October 1685 are Govert and Jan van Neercassel Hendrikszonen, brewers, next of kin and guardians for "the minor Claes son of Gerrit Fredericks Hamel, works foreman, and of the, in that year died, Lijsken Claesdr van Neercassel" 21 .

Gerrit Frederiks Hamel didn't stay long without a wife, since on March 23, 1626 he marries with Lijsbeth Hael. This marriage appears to be very fertile, since successively are baptized: Maria (January 3, 1687; she lives in 1661 at Dordrecht), Frederick (February 8, 1628; appears to be alive in 1668), Helena (March 8, 1629; lives in 1661 at Gorkum), Richard (October 13, 1629!!, presumably died young), Elisabeth (November 13, 1631; marries in Delft on May 26, 1658 with Claude Hautiquet, basket maker; she lives in 1661 in Delft and dies there as his wife on September 24, 1670), Cataleentien (December 22, 1632), Fanneken (February 5, 1634; she lives in 1661 at Delft), Richard (May 27, 1636; still alive in 1661) and Grietie (November 7, 1640) 22.

Lijsbeth Hael probably died on May 14, 1645 in Delft, since, on that date, a death certificate can be found of: "housewife of Gerrit Hamel", and shortly thereafter (May 18 ) "child of Gerrit Hamel". A few months later (December 30, 1645) "Gerrit Fredericsz Hamel, widower" at Delft is taking out a marriage license with Susanna Sanders, young daughter [young girl of the lower class or housemaid]. On December 9, 1646 was born from this marriage, in Delft, Sander Hamel, the twelfth (recovered) child 23. Sander Hamel has been found back one more time, as soldier in the Marine, since on August August 27, 1666 24   he gives a testimony about the imprisonment and death of a certain Willem Pieters Post in the first battle against England.

Gerrit Frederiks Hamel must have died before February 22, 1661, since then his heirs appear  25.

About the family Neercassel one can read more in the "Algemeen Nederlandsch Familieblad" of 1900 and 1905. For the family Hael no research has been done. Though the name can be found repetitively.26 . Neither can be told anything more about Susanna Sanders. About the children of Gerrit Frederiks Hamel all the data has been been mentioned here. About the works foreman Goossen Frederiks Hamel is only known that he took out a marriage license in Gorkum 27 with Fanneken Hael on December 28, 1627. The spouses are born in Gorinchem. He dies before 1641, since on that date his heirs are mentioned. Unless mentioned differently everything comes from the baptismal and marriage license books from Gorkum. Children were not found.

The third works foreman Dirk Frederiks Hamel has his son Frederijck baptized on July 30, 1623 at Gorinchem  28  and on October 31, 1627 a daughter Janna Maris. If the mother is called Janne Marie Hut, as the municipal archivist says or if the record shows Janne Marie obiit [died in the mentioned place], is not clear. Whatever the name of this woman, she will have died soon, since Dirk Frederiks Hamel remarries in Gorinchem as widower on July 25, 1628 with Grietken Hendriksen, young daughter. Both of them are from Gorkum. Her full name has been Grietje Hendriksdr Verhaer. This proves the earlier mentioned book, with the coat of arms of Gorcum, and also the will of Cornelis van Benschop, collector of the ground taxes, which passes on October 18, 1669 in 's Gravenhage 29 . Elaborating further on the data from the literature 30 we retrieve that she is a daughter of Hendrik van der Haer and Cunera van Wevelinckhoven and that testator is a son of the same mother and Cornelis van Benschop. 31

From the spouses Hamel-Verhaar three children are discovered in Gorinchem. Successively they were baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church: Hendrik (August 20, 1630), Goossen (December 29, 1632) and Johannes (February 28, 1635). The already twice mentioned book with the coat of arms of Gorkum deceives the researcher by mentioning that Margreta Verhaar and Dirk van Hamel have gotten in 1643 a daughter Margriet and in 1646 a son Dirk, since on December 15, 1638 Dirck Frederiksz Hamel remarries as widower at Gorinchem with Eelken Jans young daughter of Gorinchem! Therefor Margriet Verhaer can not be the mother. But also Dirk Frederik Hamel cannot be the father, since he had already died on March 23, 1642. "De Nederlandse Leeuw" of 1912 reports at least in column 223, that Eelken Jansdr van Dusseldorp, around 28 years old, was the wife of Lambert Jansz on 23 March 1641 and former third wife of Dirk Hamel Frederiksz, in life being  captain of the pioneers! According to information given by the librarian of the "Kon. Ned. Genootschap: (Royal Dutch Society) and based on the Commission book in the Algemeen Rijksarchief (Common States Archives), is Dirck Hamel, captain of the pioneers already dead on January 20, 1642.

The appointment of Dirk Frederiks Hamel to captain of the pioneers in not yet found, but we don't need to doubt this, because of the deed mentioned in footnote  6. From any children of Dirk Frederiks Hamel's third marriage, is no evidence found yet.

It will be his already mentioned son Johannes which marries on July 7, 1658 as Jan Derkszen Hamel at Gorinchem with Adriaentjen Jans. On August 25, 1658 this couple baptize a son Dirck .

The son Hendrik must have been the bookkeeper, who wrote the, in the beginning mentioned, "Account of the shipwreck of the jacht the Sperwer".

Possibly, according to the notes in the itinerary made by Hoetink, the following persons might be related:

  1. Heijndrick Hamel, patron of the colony on the South river (New-Netherland). See Korte Historiael, etc. by David Pieterszoon de Vries, 1618-1644, ed. Dr. H.T. Colenbrander [Re-issued by the Linschoten-Vereniging (1911), pp 147].
  2. Mr. Johan Hamel, Secretary of Amersfoort 1612-1630 and in 1633 Alderman there (Abraham van Bemmel, Beschrijving der stad Amersfoort, Utrecht 1760)
  3. Johan Hamel and Adriaan Hamel, according to resolution of General Governor and Councils, February 7, 1653, then clerks at the general secretary in Batavia.
  4. Maria Hamel, widow of Bartholomeus Bleijenberg, with her son Hendrik living in Amsterdam, to whom the bill of exchange from the Indies were transferred (Resolution Heeren XVII November 25, 1683 and November 24, 1688).

In "Beschrijvinge der stadt van Gorinchem en landen van Arkel, by L.L.M.. Cornelis van Zomeren, 1755", is the name "Hamel" nowhere to be found.

[answers (still in Dutch]

The intention of both authors was to publish this essay in the Nederlandse Leeuw. However it never got that far.The reason is unknown, but having seen this essay I thought it would be good to enclose this article here.


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