Missive Taijoan naar Japan, 11 september 1642.

"... vertrouwende niet jegenstaende het lant int mousson is, dit Quelpaert Brack dat wel beseijlt is ende rustich gemant hebben, de reijse met Godes hulpe wel sal gewinnen, dat ons t' sijnder tijt te vernemen lieff wert sijn."  

The Quelpaert the Brack.

Missive from Taijoan to Japan, September 11, 1642.

"....trusting that notwithstanding the country is in the monsoon, this Quelpaert Brack has sailed well and comfortably manned, will gain the journey with the help of God, to learn that in the time being would be our pleasure." ["Ons lief zijn", is hard to translate in this context, since there are so many possibilities in English].