Messages about the comet Ao 1664 - 65.

Messages about the comet Ao 1664 - 65.

Daily Register Japan.

Ao 1644, December 19, ... in the late night around 3 o'clock by us a comet star has been spotted, having a fiery rod, which stretched to the West, but also the day after that having followed it for a long time, [when it] dawned, because of the light his shine and sight was taken; before the noon some Interpreters came on the Island; making known to them the previously mentioned, but the same was for them not entirely strange and said the same having seen for several days.

20,... have waited the last night for the rising of the previous described star, which showed itself between 1 to 2 hours in the South-East to East, having the tail in front to the West and finally lost the [the sight of the] same against the breaking of the dawn in the South West.

21 and 22,...; these nights found the previous discribed Star, keeping it's previous course, though every evening showing 3/4 of an hour earlier.

26, Having watched for the Comet Star rather smartly, noticing that the same, because of the waxing of the moon being faded, in the meantime sensed that its Tail turns entirely to the West.

29, last morning, could see the Comet Star only little, but found that the same rose every evening 3/4 of an hour earlier and its tail was turning, so that it is turned from the West toward  the North-West.

January 1665. 3, to the 9th... nothing special happened, if only that the Comet Star is waning very much, every 24 hours and with it's tail now already stretching around the North-East.

10,... know the Interpreters to tell that tidings have come from Edo, that the previously mentioned Comet has been seen there, also several times some four-balls have been [seen] falling[down].

20,...  this evening the Comet star could not be seen by us.

April 1665. [On the court journey to Jedo]. 11th In the morning [the] weather was beautiful [we were] leaving around four o'clock, saw a comet star which was showing itself around the east a little above the horizon, ... arrived in the afternoon in the Imperial City Jedo.

On the January 1665... here in the bay of Cadix... showing itself a Comet-star, which we have seen already in the Strait, having a fiery tail to the North East. (Reisen van [Travels of ] Nicolaus de Graaff, 1701, pp. 66).

The 15th ditto [Dec. 1664] in the morning we saw a star with a long tail, saw it for 4 hours long in the east and the tail was in the east as well.

The 16th ditto in the morning saw it again before 6 o'clock and its tail tuning all the time to the east, as long as we could see.

The 17th ditto saw it come to light around 4 o'clock (Upper Helmsman Michiel Gerritsz Boor in the Jacht Vlaardingen, between Formosa and Amoy. Manuscript Alg. Rijks Archief, Colonial Acquisitions no. 58).