Pictures of Cheju-do

In search for the beach where Hamel stranded

Picture of a similar boat as Hamel and his mates escaped in to Japan.

In search for the beach, I used this dirty map with all kind of notes

During the opening of the national Museum I drank some Makoli together with the curator and this monk, cheers!

Kapado Some people claim that the name Quelpaert, came from this island, also some people claim Hamel stranded there.

A second picture of the Island Kapado

The monument, which, as we know now, stands about 20 Km, from the place where they stranded.

These three pictures fit together


This is the mountain, which faces to Yongmori

On this part you can see the temple right behind the monument (3)

A mountain range

A rock near Yongmori

One of the girls who took care that people signed the guestbook, during the opening of the national museum

The opening ceremony where they cut a ribbon with scissors

A plaque on the monument with Korean boats

This is a plaque which depicts the shipwreck.

This is a plaque with text

Rocks near Yongmori

A traditional opening ritual

The top of the monument

This picture is taken to find easily back the beach where they actually shipwrecked.

Beach one or the first beach I found.

another set of pictures which should fit together, left. (c)

The middle (You can see the top of the monument) (a)

A little bit right from the middle. (b)

Yongmori a picture taken from a spot above the monument, a previous watchtower, another indication that Hamel didn't shipwreck there, they would have been spotted immediately. This one fits to the right of the one above left. (d)

This picture fits together with the one on the left. (e)

This is a beach near a harbor, but it was formed much later, because of the construction of the harbor.

A set of pictures which fit together again.
Left (beach near the harbor)

(beach near the harbor)

(beach near the harbor)

Also a picture of the beach near the harbor.

This is the beach near Kosanri, where the Korean document refers to. Taken from the dune which makes the beach invisible from the road.

It was hard to make pictures here, since the beach rather small, probably due to caving in by the force of the sea.

Beach near kosanri looking to the left

Beach near kosanri looking towards the sea

Beach near kosanri, also looking to the left

Beach near kosanri looking to the right

This could be seen if you stand on the road near the beach, looking inland.

This is the same boat as the first in the row of pictures

Keumkeun beach is a recreation beach as you can see

Again a picture of the beach near Kosanri

Keumkeun beach, the part where there are not so many tourists, but many rocks. Easy to strand for a boat.

Keumkeun beach where you can see how it is commercialized

Keumkeun beach.

Again another picture taken near Kosanri further away, but still pretty near, to be able to find the beach back.

Beach near the harbor.

For the same reason (orientation of Kosanri) this picture was taken.

Another picture of Keumkeun Beach

This picture should be near the ones up with the number (1)

Another picture taken for orientation, near the Beach at Kosanri.

More pictures from my fourth visit

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