This is the province of Cholla-do

This is Songnam

This is a tourist map of Namsong

  • A number of interesting facts:
  • The English translation of Cholla Pyong-yongsongji is Fortified Army Position of Cholla Province.
  • The way the people in Cholla-do make their mules, is similar to the way, the Hollanders make their wooden shoes
  • There was a big man born in Pyongyong , who moved to North Korea, before the Korean war. He becomes a general and because of him Pyongyong is not ruined during the Korean war.
  • It's still a very old and rustic village.
  • Gorkum (where Hamel was born) has friendship ties with Kangjin.
  • Duijtsjang comes from "Dae Chang". It means the big granary. Because in the plaines a lot of grain was cultivated.