Hi, My name is Oh Yong Chul I live in Taegu Korea.
I'm a major in Polymer Science at Kyungpook National University.
I'm a senior now so, getting a job is major issue for me.

First of all, I guess you're wondering why I am interested in history, which has nothing to do with my major, Polymer Science. The reason is simple, because I have a strong curiosity about a part of Korean History that I've never learned before. That is a kind of hidden background story of history for me. Fortunately, I watched a TV Show about three years ago. The name of the program is " KBS Sunday Special" (broadcasting until now) and The sub-title was "The secret of Mid-Chosn Dynasty- The Journal of Hamel" The TV Program was enough to encourage my curiosity for history.
So I decided to record all the contents of program which consisted of two parts. After that, I wrote down again with listening to the recording. I created my personal web site and I uploaded my work as one of my interest field. Three years later, finally, you Mr.Henny Savenije visited my Homepage.

Actually, I couldn't even think that I would translate an English Hamel Web Site. How enormous Internet power is!
In addition,I'm happy to take this subject at the last semester of my school day. I want to see quickly the multi-language Hamel web site!


My Resume