18th century map preserved in the King's archives (For more detailed study, please download the full size version. Size: 1282 KB, 2531 x 1878 pixels.)

This map's specialty is that the entire shape is drawn as an ellipse, in a similar way as it is drawn nowadays with relief and detailed specific features. Cheju-do's surrounding islands, the coast of Cholla-do , also Japan, Koryo territory and parts of China were put on. The three district seats are marked in red, the farmhouses as round yellow spots, the signal
posts are in the form of a torch and the look-out posts are indicated in green. Official buildings, village names, fortresses (castles, signal fires, regiments), farmhouses, harbours, streams, were all very clearly, the orientation is South-Top, the location of a Korean newspaper article locates the shipwreck as follows:

ANCIENT DOCUMENT FOUND REVEALING LOCATION OF HAMEL'S ARRIVAL (For Korean Article) (Click here for the newspaper article) (Click here for the documents)

A record was discovered about the arrival of the 'Hamel' people, who, in the Chos˘n period, during the reign of King Hyojong, went back to their country The Netherlands, reporting for the first time about Korea to the western world. 

On the 8th (May 1999) a document was found in academic circles, written by Lee Ik Tae, who was in service with the governor of Cheju in the period 1694 - 1696. It says "In the fourth year of King Hyojong, 1653, on July 24th, 64 people were found, among them Hendrick Yamse. 26 people died and 2 were ill. Only 36 people lived. 

In this document, the place where the boat was wrecked is described as "Dae Ya su yon byon" This is interpreted as possibly being in the area nowadays known as North Cheju district, Hankyong county, Kosan village, Hanjangdong community. Because among the local inhabitants, this place is also known as "Daemul" and as "Kunmul", both meaning "big water" and that suits the above description. 

This all proves that the arrival place is not in South Cheju district, Andok county, at a place called "dragon's head" near the Sanbang mountain. Untill now people guessed this was the arrival place, from "Hamel's journal", written by Hamel. But the ancient record upsets this theory completely. 

The head administrator of the Kosan middle school, mr. Ko Dong-hee, has done research of the local history for a long time and he points out that both on the map "Cheju-do Sam Chong" and on the "Dung Ko map", south of Kosan the name (in Chinese) "Dae Ya Su Po" exists. He believes that the ancient record now gives adequate support for the new findings.

Thanks to Jan en Young Hee for the translation of the Korean text.

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