On January 14, 1609 a property at Vlaardingen.was conveyed by Joris Janszn Weltevreen to Jan Janzn.Weltevreen 

On July 27, 1632 a property with a house at Vlaardingen was conveyed by the heirs of Jan Janszn Weltevreen to Aalbrecht Joosten Peesof.

In the document is written:
We, Dirck Corneliszn. de Lange en Arije Pieterszn. diocese aldermen of the city Vlaerdingen's documents (and) make known, that before us have come and appeared Gerrit Janszn. man [=probably husband] and guardian of Soetge Jansdochter [=Jan's daughter], sister of Jan Janszn Weltevreen, for one party and Heijnderick Henderickszn., having married Huybretge Leenaertsdr., being garrisoned at Willemstad, nomine uxoris [=called as spouse] for the other party and together heirs of the previously mentioned Weltevreen [who] died within this city.

And confessed, in the previously mentioned quality, lawfully to sell and convey in free ownership to Aelbrecht Joosten Peessof, rope maker, a house and property, standing and lying to the north side of the Rietdiek here in this town, bordering to the west [to] Arijen Corneliszn. Corter and to the east [to] Pieter Leendertszn. Corter, stretching at the front from the street to the back to the property of Pieter Aelbrechtszn, Peesof. In all ways as the previously mentioned house and property are fenced, boarded, as well as masonry as staked out, keeps each his good right of thereupon light boarding and similar drainage and similar free without any taxation other than the lord his right.

Promising to be competent and the previously mentioned sold [property] for such previously mentioned [meaning the condition of the property] is not exempted, subject only rights and judges [??] all without fraud. They confess also to be competent of this purchase and to settle and order everything being paid, the last penning [=penny] with the first one. 

Thus to this document we, aldermen mentioned before, hung each our seal underneath, signed July 27, 1632. 

A Pieter Janse Weltevreen was a shopkeeper in Strijen in 1641 while in 1643 a Pieter Jansz was a warder in s'Gravendeel
Gerrit Weltevreen born in Pernis in 1660 and died in 1692, son of Jan Janszn Weltevreen and Lijsbeth Hendriks Hans, he married with Elizabeth Pieters Donkers.

A certain Hendrik (Henk) Weltevreden claims to be a descendant of Jan Janse Weltevree(n) and send me this data:

14.stam-oudvader(Joris Jansz. Weltevree)(1576)
13.stam-betovergrootvader(Jan Janse Weltevree)(1595-1656)
12.stam-overgrootvader(Jan Jansz. Weltevreén)(1625)
11.stam-grootvader(Gerrit Janse Weltevreén)(1660)
10.stam-vader(Pieter Gertse Weltevreén)(1689)
9.oud-betovergrootvader(Jan Pieterse Weltevreén)(1724)
8.oud-overgrootvader(Ary Jansz. Weltevreén)(1753)
7.oud-grootvader(Pieter Weltevrede)(1792-1836)
6.oud-vader(Willem Weltevreden)(1812-1873)
5.betovergrootvader(Benjamin Christiaan Weltevreden)(1844-1929)
4.overgrootvader(Pieter Weltevreden)(1874-1931)
3.grootvader(Hendrik Weltevreden)(1902-1953)
2.vader(Pieter Weltevreden)(1924)
1.probant(Hendrik Weltevreden)(1951)